We're all living through massive disruption at the moment, and just surviving feels like an achievement. Nevertheless, we need to learn from this: how might we do a better job under lockdown and what might we take from it to help with whatever comes next?

For more than a decade, we've been helping schools prepare for a changing world. We didn't see this particular crisis coming, but our approach, combining technology with teaching and transition, has seen the schools we work with better able to take it in their stride.

Now, we've devised an online staff training programme to help your school embrace new ways of thinking and working and withstand whatever change the world throws at it. Sign up for the LAB today and get your organisation ready for Lockdown and Beyond.

Our three-strand approach will help your team develop the skills and attributes they need to thrive in a changing world.


It's not the technology but what we do with it that matters. In the LAB, we examine four key aspects of modern technology: Communication, Collaboration, Content-creation and Coordination.


Before any team can be effective, its members need to understand themselves and how they interact with others. In the LAB, we examine Curiosity, Empathy, Resilience and Purpose.


There's little point in mastering the technology and in understanding yourself and others unless you can apply that knowledge to some bigger purpose. In the LAB, we'll help you and your team find that goal.

What shape does the LAB take?

The starting point for you and your team is a series of eight thought-provoking discussions between Undiscovered Country associates and school leaders from different settings. Each video covers a key theme of technology or self-knowledge.

After watching each video, your staff can submit any questions or feedback they may have about it.

What happens next depends on which programme your organisation is subscribed to:

Who leads the programme?

The LAB starts with a set of videos led by Roy Leighton (@Roy_Leighton) and Mark Allen (@edintheclouds). Both have decades of experience in devising and implementing change programmes and running CPD sessions in educational establishments the world over.

For a feel of their style and to hear some of their thoughts on - among other topical things - Technology and Self-Knowledge, watch this video, edited from a recent series produced by Independent Thinking Ltd.

ITL talk.mp4

What LAB programmes are available?

Three LAB programmes are available:


Our simplest plan. Eight thought-provoking videos for your team to watch and a feedback process to capture their questions and observations. We collate the feedback and return it to you.

£25 per teacher or other member of staff.


A private website for you and your team for a year, including everything from the 'Knowing' plan plus additional training videos in response to your team's feedback and their development needs.

£25 per member of staff plus £5 per person per month for 12 months.


In addition to the content of the other plans, 'Being' provides bespoke training and support for your whole organisation and all its members to help you develop and embed a culture of dynamic change.

The cost will depend on your needs but it'll represent great value.

to find out more or to book The LaB for your team:

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