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Undiscovered Country brings together a diverse set of people with differing talents and ways of seeing the world. One thing we all share, however, is a conviction that current systems, including national education and health and social care provision, financial, corporate and management structures, judicial and political models across the globe, are in desperate need of transformation. The world is changing fast and we're not keeping up.

We all know there's a problem, but at Undiscovered Country we have a solution. We've got the vision, and the content, tools and programmes to support it.

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the UC vision.

The world is changing fast and we're not keeping up. Whether you think we've got a hundred years, or fifty, or twenty - the clock is ticking. If we need any reminding of that, the UN's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are an excellent way to visualise the key areas where the planet is in trouble:

Of course, we all know that these are big questions, but we can't over-emphasise just how important they are - some of them may even be existential to the continued existence of human life on the planet.

As if that's not enough of a wake-up call, our prevailing economic, political and financial systems are also under strain, and contemporary technology often exacerbates the problems. Here, for example, are six areas where technology is changing the world faster than our ability to keep pace:

Individuals and organisations which hope to survive and thrive in this changing environment will need to develop new skills and habits. As well as accumulating relevant content, they'll need to focus on the acquisition of a whole new set of skills, the most important of which are summarised here:

We haven't plucked these skills from the air, by the way: they are the themes which came back time and time again from a survey of thousands of business leaders* as the most sought-after attributes in new recruits. More importantly, they are portable and transferable skills which are useful to us all throughout life, particularly in a future in which portable and transferable skills and habits are key.

Perhaps even more important is the thread of 'being human' which needs to be present in everything we do. Less tech wizardry and more tech wisdom. Less technology and more self-knowledge. A balance between art and science, even in the most technical of areas. It's this balance that lies at the heart of everything we do at Undiscovered Country.

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